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SMC Technology Sdn Bhd started operations in 1996 with beginning activities of solder waste recycling and providing services to electronics industries of their E-waste and non-ferrous metal scraps, cables and wire recycling of cable industries. As the 1st plant of Asian to provide services on spent catalyst waste recovery since year 1998 until today, we are always supported by oleo-chemicals & edible oil industries and oil & gas industries. Nowadays, our services include metals dross and metals sludge recovery.

Business Scope
Spent Catalyst Waste Recovery
Metal Dross / Sludge Recovery
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
Metals Scrap / Contaminated Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals (SW422)
E-Waste (SW110)
Global and Regional Trading
Hazardous Waste Management
Waste Management Services

Metal Oxide
Stainless Steel

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